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Recent Fire Fighting operations BC Interior, Canada

Recent Fire Fighting operations BC Interior, Canada

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Helinets was formed in 2001 by current President Ross Weber with one thing in mind, to improve the quality and safety of helicopter external load equipment.

Ross has an extensive background in synthetic rope and netting applications with well over 20 years experience in this industry sector.

Ross is a licensed M1 M2 engineer and has more than 11 years field experience on Helicopter maintenance and rigging.

He brings to Helinets the advantage of first hand knowledge of field operations using helicopter longlines, cargo nets and barrel slings.

He believes that Helinets are not just in the business of selling helicopter load equipment and accessories, but also that Helinets is there to provide safety and load handling techniques that he has learned over the years.

The hands on knowledge that is provided freely when needed gives the customer the extra comfort and security in knowing that Helinets have years of experience in all aspects of helicopter external load operations and can provide you with the right rope and net equipment for all of your lift jobs.

Helinets takes pride in their customer service, they understand the helicopter industry and know that contracts are awarded at the last minute, therefore they will strive to get your order out to you in the shortest possible time.

Of course Safety is our foremost priority and each of our products come with extensive product information, complete inspections and safety information together with recommended inspection log sheets.

Each product is allocated and marked with a serial number, this serial number is then recorded in our product log book.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ross or Jodi at Helinets with any product enquiries or quotation requests that you have.
They will be delighted to help you!

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