Helicopter cargo net in action

Helicopter Cargo Nets

Helicopter Cargo Net

Helicopter Cargo Net
Example shown is 1500 lb. (4 sided)
4 corner pick up web cargo net
Constructed with braided nylon web (black), 2 squares, 3 swivel positioning hooks, 1 master weldless pear ring. Nylon braided perimeter rope with heavy duty galvanized thimbles in attachment eyes.

Cargo net hardware

Example of hardware attached to our cargo nets

Helinets cargo nets are available in four or eight sided 1500 lb and 3000 lb WLL.

Our web helicopter cargo nets are manufactured from single or double braided nylon knotted web with 2" centers and  a nylon braided perimeter rope.

Heavy duty galvanized thimbles are inserted into the attachment eyes. The load is distributed amongst 3 positioning swivel hooks and one master weldless Crosby pear ring. 8 sided cargo nets are four point pick up and manufactured with minimum 3 foot leads (depending on size).

Our cargo nets come in stock sizes ranging from 10 x 10' to 20 x 20' (see tables below) but Helinets will work with you to manufacture cargo nets to your specifications.

1500 lb Cargo Nets – 4 Sided
3000 lb Cargo Nets – 4 Sided
Part Number Size Part Number Size
CN01500-10 10 x 10 CN03000-12 12 x 12
CN01500-12 12 x 12 CN03000-14 14 x 14
CN01500-14 14 x 14 CN03000-16 16 x 16
1500 lb Cargo Nets – 8 Sided
3000 lb Cargo Nets – 8 Sided
Part Number Size Part Number Size
CN01500-12-8 12 x 12 CN03000-12-8 12 x 12
CN01500-14-8 14 x 14 CN03000-14-8 14 x 14
CN01500-16-8 16 x 16 CN03000-16-8 16 x 16
CN01500-20-8 20 X 20 CN03000-20-8 20 X 20

Our helicopter cargo nets are shipped with extensive inspection and safe usage information together with inspection logs. Each product is allocated and stamped with a serial number which is then recorded in our product log.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ross or Jodi at Helinets with any product enquiries or quotation requests that you have.

8 sided 4 corner pick up cargo nets on minimum 2 foot leads.

Optional Tote bag

Optional Tote bag

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