Helicopter cargo net in action

Helicopter Long lines

AmSteel Blue and Plasma (Spectra) long line eye splices

AmSteel Blue and Plasma eye splices with double braided nylon eye cover for additional protection

Nylite Spool, Shield and shackle kit

Nylite Spool, Shield and Shackle kit (shown with cover)

3 Longline terminations
(L to R) Heavy duty thimble, Nylite Kit, Blue line thimble

Long line cover with load information stamped on

Long line cover with load information stamped on

Nylite Spool Shield and Shackle kit

Helinets manufactures helicopter longlines using AmSteel Blue and
Plasma (Spectra fiber) synthetic 12 strand HMPE fiber rope.

Our longlines are proof load tested, pre-stretched and leave our facility ready to hook up to your Helicopter.

We can supply mesh grips for your wiring harnesses, pear rings, master links or load bearing swivel hooks, whatever your set up needs are we can do so that once you receive your longline you can start operations.

Our synthetic helicopter longlines are manufactured according to US Forestry Guidelines.

See Rope Strength Specifications

Extensive safe usage and inspection information and inspection logs are provided with each of our longlines and all of our products. This information helps the customer understand the properties of synthetic rope and our inspection packages provide detailed photographs which helps the customer in their inspection process to determine the safety of their product. Each longline is allocated a serial number and this serial number is recorded in our log.

We also provide a product information sheet with our longlines which lists all of the relevant manufacturing information of the longline and any hardware attached to it.

Although Plasma and AmSteel Blue synthetic rope have high abrasion resistance, Helinets does recommend covering your longline to avoid excessive abrasion and also UV rays. Helicopter longlines are exposed to all kinds of elements and a cover will further protect your longline from unnecessary abrasion, dirt, grit and uv sunlight.

Our covers are manufactured from a light weight, highly visible (orange colour), high tensile strength Cordura. Our covers have a separate sewn in pocket for electrical which alleviates having to duct tape your conduit to the longlines resulting in trapped in dirt and grit damaging the fibers. The cover fastens with extra strength Velcro which allows for easy removal of the cover to inspect your longline, our cover is manufactured in one piece, the cover is terminated thru the eye splice back onto itself at both ends which keeps it firmly in place. We clearly mark WLL, length, serial number and part number together with “top” so that when the line is hooked up ground crew can clearly see it is the correct equipment for the lift job.

We can supply and insert wire to your specifications, just let us know your requirements.

We offer various terminations for our longlines, heavy duty thimbles, blue line thimbles or Nylite Spool Shield and Shackle Kits.

Most of our heavy lift customer do opt for the Nylite Spool Shield and Shackle kit, this set up has proven to be most effective in stopping unnecessary wear on the longline eyes that occurs from thimbles turning with heaving use, cutting into the eye splices of the longline and resulting in premature retirement.

Helicopter companies are converting to synthetic longlines because of their main characteristics:- extremely light weight as opposed to steel, non-rotational, same or stronger strength as steel or wire and their high resistance to abrasion. The reduction in weight and increase in handling and controllability results in cost savings to the operator.

Helinets recommends a safe working load of 8% of minimum breaking strength of the rope, choosing a slightly larger diameter rope will wear and maintain a safe working load for a longer period of time.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ross or Jodi at Helinets with any product enquiries or quotation requests that you have.

Plasma rope

Plasma rope

Removable Long line cover

Removable Long line Cover.
Cordura protective covers are attached with high strength Velcro allowing easy removal for inspection purposes.
Features handy sewn-in pocket for electrical conduit.

Shows electrical conduit inserted in cover.

Shows electrical conduit inserted in long line cover.

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